Coryton Walk
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Last updated  2.05.05

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Walk around Coryton, Cardiff

A short walk of 3.5 miles, 5.5 kms., with the going easy and flat. Despite being in the capital city of Cardiff the walk is surprisingly rural with opportunities to see Beech woods, Kingfishers, Orchids and Salmon and Trout leaping up a weir in late Autumn. No facilities en route although ASDA has payphones, café and toilets. Picnic area at Forest farm. Start at Grid reference 139813, OS Explorer 151. The Friends of Forest Farm also have a website which gives historical information about the site along with many photos and a route description.

For a map of how to get to the start click here. It is best to park on Longwood Drive alongside the reserve on your left.

wpeE.jpg (131710 bytes)

View from the start, Castell Coch castle in the trees top right.

From the car park at ASDA, head back down the access road past McDonalds to the small roundabout by the Esso Station. Turn left along the road which heads downhill, Longwood Drive, keeping on the left-hand side pavement. After 40 yards you come to some metal railings on the left and after a few yards turn left through the gap in the railings onto a path in the trees. Descend via some wooden steps to the bottom (taking care as the steps can be slippery – to avoid these steps keep down the road and then take the path to the left which heads back in the direction you have just come but on the flat). Then walk along the canal, keeping it on your left, for about 15 minutes. This is the Longwood SSSI. (20 mins).

wpe10.jpg (184976 bytes)

On the towpath along the Glamorgan canal

At the end of the canal turn left along a road, crossing to go along the pavement. Go past Penydarren Drive, staying on the pavement which now curves to the right, passing a millstone. Pass Mellingriffith Drive. 50 yards beyond this and just past some signs indicating the Taff Trail you will see on your right by some metal railings the Mellingriffith Water Pump. (30 mins). Retrace your steps for 20 yards and turn left into an estate to follow the Taff Trail sign. When you see 4 metal bollards, walk between them following the path to the edge of the river Taff. Turn right to head alongside the river which is on your left. When you get to the edge of the houses, follow the Taff Trail which forks to the left continuing alongside the river. You will pass on your right the entrance to Forest Farm and then on your left a blue footbridge. Our route goes straight ahead but crossing the bridge takes you into the centre of Radyr with shops and railway station. After a further 5 minutes you get to Radyr Weir which spans the river. (50 mins).

wpe12.jpg (123460 bytes)

Radyr Weir

Continue past the weir and after 10 minutes you come to a path junction where the Taff Trail goes to the left. At this point turn right past an electricity pylon and then left after a few yards along a footpath between trees. Keep straight ahead until you get to a canal at which point our path heads up right via some wooden steps to meet a road. (1 hr 10 mins)

wpe14.jpg (191076 bytes)

On the Taff Trail just beyond Radyr Weir

Turn left along the road and then immediately left following a footpath sign with the Esso station to your right. The path curves to the right and then crosses the main road via a footbridge. The path drops down and then ascends after you have walked under a bridge. Although you are in the middle of a roundabout you now have on either side conifers, ash, oak and from late Spring a good selection of wild orchids. Where the path forks, go to the right eventually going under a second bridge and then curving to the right. You cross a drive and then pass a house on the left which brings you to a junction. Turn right through the tunnel and then right again on emerging which brings you to a road with the Village Hotel opposite. Cross the road with care opposite the bus stop and then turn right down the tarmac path which skirts the hotel and brings you back to ASDA. (1hr 30 mins)

wpe2.jpg (151590 bytes)

Common Spotted Orchids in the middle of the roundabout

Copy of coryton.jpg (65651 bytes)

Map of walk

Alternative Routes

Option 1. At the start, immediately after McDonalds turn left following the footpath sign. Go over a wooden stile and cross a bridge over a disused railway. The path goes briefly right, then turn immediately left to join another path and head left along this maintaining height until you descend to the end of the canal. Rejoin original route from paragraph 2.

Option 2. At the start, immediately after McDonalds turn left following the footpath sign. Go over a wooden stile and cross a bridge over a disused railway. The path goes briefly right, then turn right to descend via some wooden steps to the old railway line. Turn right under the bridge and carry on along this path until you get to another bridge. Take the wooden steps on the right hand side of the bridge and, at the top, turn right along a narrow path with railings on right and wire fence on left. Where this path meets another one at the corner of the field to your right, turn left to descend until you reach the end of the canal. Rejoin original route from paragraph 2.

Option 3. Take original route along the canal. After about 10 minutes you come to a wooden gate, stile and bench on your right. Turn right here along the path. As you get to the end of the field on your right, go through the wooden gate on the right to visit a bird hide - Lockley Hide. Return to the main path and carry on in the direction you were going. You pass another hide on your right, the Llyn-brwynog wetland conservation area. Go through a small wooden gate by a large one, keeping straight ahead past a metal gate and information board. The path now becomes narrower but is smooth tarmac with lamp posts on the left. Eventually the path emerges on to a road. 10 yards beyond turn left through some trees to meet a broad path, the Taff Trail. Turn left to visit Radyr Weir or right to carry on along the original route, from Paragraph 3.