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Walking in Glamorgan, South Wales. Guided walks, routes & local information

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With the growth in interest in walking has come an increase in the popularity and availability of walking magazines. A number of outdoor publications will have articles on walks but the two which focus almost exclusively on walking are Country Walking and Trail. Both come out monthly and are available in most decent-sized newsagents. Country Walking can also be found in the larger supermarkets.


Reviews of walking gear, general articles and technical advice are built around a section called Down Your Way which is a series of 20 to 30 walks each issue all round the UK. Distances typically range from 4 miles to 12 with most around 5-7 miles. Route descriptions tend to be very good. If you are interested in walking holidays there are many adverts at the back placed by hotels, guest houses and travel companies specialising in walking holidays. Claimed circulation is around 54,000 copies per month. 

For subscriptions telephone 01858 438826 or Fax 01858 434958


Similar to Country Walking but the walks section is called This Weekend. The walks tend to be longer, typically 7 to 15 miles often with a Bike ride and a scramble. Whilst most of Britain is covered the bulk of the walks tend to be in the hillier areas.

For all telephone enquiries contact 01858 438826 and you can even e-mail them – victoria.tebbs@ecm.emap.com

We shall be covering some of the walks featured in past and current issues on this site.


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If anything under 20 miles seems too wimpish consider joining LDWA - the Long Distance Walkers Association - their magazine is Strider. The LDWA organises and gives publicity to longer walks throughout the UK. Longer? - well anything up to 100 miles. Individual membership is over 4,700 and there are over 850 family members. 

LDWA can be contacted on 01276 65169 (membership secretary) or 01732 883705 (general secretary)

South Wales branch can be contacted on 029 2075 3224 (group secretary)


A quarterly magazine covering walking in Wales. Current price is £3.25. Includes walks from all over Wales as well as items of local interest. Editorial address is Walking Wales Magazine c/o McBad Publishing, PO Box 6088, Cardiff, CF15 5BR. Telephone number 02920 843521 or e-mail editor@wwmag.co.uk & website www.wwmag.co.uk

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A magazine which has appeared in newsagents is 'On Foot - the annual guide to walking'. The magazine gives plenty of advice on walking along with general coverage of walking areas although there are few, if any, route descriptions. To contact them, ring 01708 444678.

A web-based publication is which is a useful source of information about the Vale of Glamorgan. Each month a local walk is featured.