Worms Head Walk
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2 Walks around Rhossili, Gower

Classic walks from Rhossili which feature in most local and many national walking books. Two short walks of 3 and 4 miles, 5.5 and 6.5 kms., which can be combined to make a longer one. The going is easy to moderate with one steep pull uphill of around 100 metres. Breathtaking scenery but beware of going too close to the cliff edge. Toilets at Rhossili, by the car park, and Hillend (in season); cafes, bars (Worms Head bar does meals) at Rhossili and a shop in the camping and caravanning site at Hillend (in season). You can cross over to Worms Head but keeping within 2.5 hours either side of low tide. Tide timetables can usually be seen in the windows of the National Trust shop and the old Coastguard Lookout building. Click here for more on Gower.

For a map showing how to get to the start click here

Walk 1

wpe4.jpg (75302 bytes)

From the car park looking towards Worms Head with Rhossili beach to the right

Go back to the entrance to the car park and turn right down the main road through Rhossili. You soon come to a bus stop and telephone box on your left, at which point turn left off the road taking the path into the churchyard of St Mary’s Church. Leave the churchyard via the wooden gate at the far side and carry on along the road, taking care as there is no pavement. You reach the village of Middleton; pass a road junction on the left and walk along the pavement on the right of the road. When you get to some white buildings on the right turn right down a track (signposted Caravan club) and then take the path which goes straight ahead between hedgerows. The path descends gently to pass through a wooden gate and National Trust sign marked Mewslade. After 30 yards the path drops down to the right, winding between rocks with the valley to our left. (15 mins)

wpe6.jpg (88015 bytes)

The Parish Church of St Marys

On your right is a dilapidated dry-stone wall which you could follow all the way to Worms Head but another option is to take the left fork when a path heads through gorse away from the wall towards the sea.  To your left across the valley is the headland called the Thurba with Iron age fort. As you get towards the edge of the cliff the path curves to the right and in the distance you should be able to see the tip of Worms Head and a building which we are heading for. Keep going along the cliff with the sea on your left keeping to the higher path. After a while you will see Mewslade Bay and then Fall Bay which can be reached by paths off to the left although our route carries on alongside the stone wall which we have rejoined. As you get towards the end of Fall bay take the path which drops to the left away from our stone wall and towards an enclosure bounded by more stone wall. (35 mins)

wpe8.jpg (123163 bytes)

Looking down on Fall Bay with the headland, Tears Point in the distance

Follow the perimeter of the enclosure with the wall on your right. From the crest of the hill you get good views of Worms Head. Keep going along the cliff top heading for the small building which is the old Coastguard Lookout building, now a visitor centre. An optional detour here is to cross the causeway onto Worms Head but check the tides or you could be marooned there until the next low tide. Now head back towards Rhossili with the coast and then beach on your left. If you walk to the left on one of the promontories and look back towards Worms Head you will see a small white building at the bottom of the cliffs. This is Kitchen Corner. You pass a National Trust shop on your right which is worth a visit and return to the car park (1 hr).

wpeA.jpg (106487 bytes)

Looking out to Worms Head with the causeway under water

Walk 2

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Rhossili Beach with Burry Holms in the distance and Rhossili Downs to the right

For the second walk head out of the car park as you did for the first walk and at the bus stop and telephone box head towards the churchyard but this time take the footpath which passes the church to your right. At the far side of the church take the track which heads slightly downhill passing a large stone feature on the right to commemorate the Millennium consisting of red sandstone conglomerate taken from high on Rhossili Down. You pass a stone building, Little Hill House - then go through a wooden kissing gate, past another small building which was the old rocket shed and then ascend the hill using the wooden steps in the hillside. As the path levels out you will see the white Trig Point ahead. (17 mins).

wpe2.jpg (83640 bytes)

Trig Point at 193 metres.Burry Holms to left and Pembrey Beach on the horizon

Carry on past the Trig Point until you get a new set of views opening up ahead over towards Pembrey and the Pembrokeshire coast. The path descends gently and then ascends. To the right are some burial chambers known as Sweyn's Howes. At a fork in the path go to the left and head past some concrete foundations before a further short ascent. The foundations are all that is left of a Second World War Radar Station. The path then descends and you will see the Hillend caravan park below and to the left which we are heading for (35 mins).

wpe4.jpg (93538 bytes)

Looking down on Hillend caravan park

The broad green path descends, at times quite steeply, through bracken to the right-hand corner of the caravan park. At the bottom go through the kissing gate and then turn left down the road through the caravan park. Head along the road towards the sand dunes and down to the car park. (45 mins).

Now aim for the Public Bridleway which is alongside some information boards slightly towards the right-hand side of the car park. The path takes you through the dunes between wire fences to the beach. When you reach the beach our route is to the left towards Rhossili but you can go right along the beach and explore up to Burry Holms. As you head back towards Rhossili you pass a building on your left at the foot of the hill. This is the Old Rectory. Towards the end of the beach you come to the wreck of the Helvetia, unless the tide is in. At the corner of the beach below the buildings of Rhossili take the steps which wind up the hillside to bring you out opposite the car park (1 hr 30 mins). To the left of the steps is the Warren in which an old church is buried.

wpe6.jpg (55532 bytes)

Looking back through the wreck of the Helvetia along the beach.

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Map of walk